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Boyd and Ejay doing Healer Method.JPG

THE HEALER METHOD incoporates a loving, non-invasive healing technique bringing nurturing and deep healing

to one's physical body, emotional body, light body, and spirit. The method helps to balance the complete

chakra system and aura as well.  Sacred Sound, Light, Sacred Symbols, Activations, Nurturing, Tapping Method,

and Love are all part of each healing session.  The one hour channeled Musical CD of THE HEALER is an

intregal part of THE HEALER METHOD.  Even the white garments that we wear reflect the the beauty and purity

of those Souls in which we are honored to serve. What is so unique regarding this Method is that the one receiveing

the "healing" is invited to participate in the Method during the toning sections of the Great Oms and is also

invited to interact in the Tapping Method, a powerful energy moving section of the session.  In this way,

the one receiving the healing becomes The Healer. We ALL have the Divine Essence o f the Beloved Creator

within us and therefore the potential to become our own HEALER. 


Boyd anointing Kelly with Oil.JPG

Anointing with Oils

The anointing with Oils bring together the ancient wisdom of healing herbs, flower and plant essences combined

with loving nurturing of the body and chakra centers. The essences and vibrations of THE HEALER ANOINTING

OIL is used to gently open the third eye chakra.   The Oils of Frankincense, Spruce, Spikenard and

Sandalwood are masterfully blended into a powerful and activating anointing oil.    The HEALER OIL

is the second  oil used on the body.  These oils help to balance the Chakras while activating the immune

system as well. They are gently applied to the temples, the throat chakra, the palm chakra, the wrists, and  

 soles of the feet which effect many other parts of the physical body. The powerful combination of these oils

enhance the healing session and fill the room with a wonderful fragrance as an added bonus.

Charlene Morita doing Healer Method to Jim A.JPG

Activating Symbols

THE HEALER METHOD imparts and activates seven powerful Sacred Symbols during each

healing session.  The symbols are Universal in nature, easy to receive and understand. They

are activated with the motion of the Cosmic Spiral through the Master's palms.  Each symbol

is imparted with love as we recognize a divine aspect of our Beloved Creator. ~Peace be with You~

Boyd and Ejay doing Healer Method 4.JPG

The Tapping Method

The Tapping Method  is designed to move energy and to inspire the one receiving healing to

begin to acknowlege and to partake in his/her own healing.  27 distinct meridians and chakras

are directly activated by the Tapping Method.  The Channeled Music guides the Tapping

Method with directive beats from the Udu drum along with flute and other instruments.

This powerful transformational section is a unique healing experience like none other .

~Peace be with You~